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PC & Internet Support


Ecommerce/Site Development & Promotion


Our Very Reasonable Fees are Based on the length of contract or Job, clients can chose one of following options:-


(1) Fixed price time based quote agreed by both parties payable 50% in advance & 50% on completion.


(2) Open agreement paid by invoice at the end of each job or each week whichever comes first.


Mileage for trips to and from clients premises or other agreed location will be charged as follows:-
Daily travel time of LESS than 1 hour total. No Charge.
Daily travel time in excess of 1 hour total. Charged @ £ 10 per half hour or part thereof

(Based on quickest journey times as quoted by an AA Route Planner).


Travelling time of 1 hour + 1 hour on site will be charged @ £ 37.00
Travelling time of 1 1/2 hours + 1 hour on site will be charged @ £ 47.00


(Travel charges will normally apply to clients outside the Guildford / Woking / Aldershot & Godalming areas.)

On - Site Time Charges (Per Contract/Job)
Minimum 1 hour ____@ £ 37.00 per hour

Minimum 4 hours ___@ £ 35.00 per hour

Minimum 8 hours ___@ £ 33.00 per hour

Minimum 20 hours __@ £ 31.00 per hour


Quotations Available for Longer Contracts/Jobs


Off - Site Time Charges at Our Offices
Contracts or Jobs of Greater than 8 hours in duration where some of the work is completed at our offices.
15% will be deducted for each hour or part thereof for the proportion of work completed off site.
Only applicable to jobs on open agreement as per (2) above.



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