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  • 20 to 30 Minute Audio Presentation on Pocket Sized CDs

    Why not see how effectively you can spread the word about an event or some important news that your family and friends can listen to at thier leisure or driving the car. A recording that is always there to play back and remember in furure years. The possibilities are endless.


    This is also a cost effective way to market an event or product, how many flyers that end up in the hands of prospective customer are actually disposed of before being read ? However with this format we believe that from a pure curiosity angle that one of these will at least be listened to before being disposed of and is more than likely to be passed on to another person to listen to.


    ***** Announcement of a new arrival in the family.

    ********** Invitation to a wedding.

    *************** Notification of a milestone birthday celebration

    ******************** Spread the word about an up and coming event or music festival

    ************************* Use for product launch information or other promotion



    We can take whatever it is you want announced in your own words then convert it into the audio with a Male or Female voice then provide a proof for you to preview and agree, and  finally produce 20 copy discs for you to distribute.


    All this for a cost of  £140 (additional CD copies extra)


    * All that is required is a text or Word/RTF format file


    Info-Meda -----, CD's to get the news around and the message heard!!


    Book your recording to-day.


    Email :-


    or Phone either of the following numbers


    (08712) 880872 (10p per minute)


    (07782) 268892 (Three Mobile Network )


    When making contact, if you would like to listen to a sample recording

    please let us know your email address and we will forward one on to you.




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