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In addition to media products that we market from our own & third party productions we also offer services to produce Audio Mini & Standard CDs that can used for marketing, presentation, training or many other purposes.
Just supply your own scripts / articles etc. in electronic form for us to process and convert to audio either with a male or female voice* or we will will record live content for you, again either male or female.
* This service is achieved with the use of software which can convert electronic text into MP3 or WAV audio format. Initially the text has to have the human touch to make sure the word sound conversion flows and unusual words or phrases blend in. Once this has authoring has been completed the reader software is launched to complete the conversion to audio.
This is a great way to get your message heard and once the inital work is completed and agreed, the CD's can be produced for a very reaonable price and like printed material the more you order the lower the unit cost.
As each job is individual we will need to dicsuss the clients requirements first and evaluate the data in order to calculate the data requirement to decide which media size should be used.
Imagine sending your Party / Wedding or other invitations out to people on mini CDS even with some music playing in the background if you wish. That will create a talking point amongst your friends. After all the majority of information that flows around the world since the introduction of the internet is now in an eletronic form of one sort or other.
Be a part of the digital information age today.!