Terms, Conditions & Policies

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By using any of the services or websites operated via K & J Services or placing orders for any if the products, you are accepting that :-


Products & Information Supply

1) All comments relating to the products have been obtained through our observations and experiences, they are opinions of the Author, and do Not represent those of any Organisation or Company, (unless otherwise stated).

2) Information relating to General Health is published in Good Faith and for Educational Purposes Only. Any doubt as to the suitability of products in relation to your Own Health & Well Being, should be refered to your GP or qualified health care professional.

3) Nutritional strategies discussed in any of our associated web sites are Not in any way intended to offer diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. A qualified medical practitioner should always be consulted in the event of serious illness.

4) Product images are for illustration only, what a customer is ordering is as described in writing.

5) The acceptance and fulfillment of orders are on the basis that the Customer has Read, Understood and Accepted all these terms and conditions.

 Privacy & Copyright


6) In the case of information products either supplied by or produced by us we declare that all information is provided without predjudice or malice to any person or organisation. It is produced purely for educational purposes and based on research material that can be found in the public domain.


7) If you find content or information that is your property or copyright, please accept our apologies as this is unintentional. We will remove any such material upon request.


8) Personal details such as email addresses resulting from orders placed or enquiries and other correspondence entered into will always be kept private and confidential.


9) You may however, receive occasional information or offers from us directly, but this will be kept to a minimum. If you do not wish to remain on our database please email or write to us for removal. See contact details page.


Technical & Development Services


10) Technical and development services are charged on a time/material and expenses basis, estimates/quotations will be supplied and agreed before any work commences.


11) In the case of specific PC problems and general "houskeeping" the cost of work will be quoted on a time basis and agreed in advance, should the specified job take longer than agreed no further charge will be made unless however, extra work is requested at the same time, this will be charged at a rate of £35.00 per hour or part thereof.


12) In the case of work carried out directly on your server or PC we agree to undertake the work o the basis that the client has retained original installation cd/DVd's and has a backup of all thier data and inportant content. We cannot accept liabilty for loss of data and or settings. However all due care and precautions will be taken to protect the clients information whilst any work is carried  out.


13) If so required (at additional cost) we will take a backup of the clients live data before proceeding with requested work, however this will not include operating system software or applications and thier settings.